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    Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) was discovered in 1938 by Roy J. Plunkett from E.I. Du. Pont de Nemours & Company.It is in a class of paraffinic polymers that has all of the hydrogen replaced by fluoride,makes it has an almost universal chemical inertness,complete insolubility in all known solvents below 300℃,exclusive electrical properties,excellent thermal stability,extrmely high lubricity.

    PTFE has a coefficient of friction that is one of the lowest of any material,between 0.05 and 0.09.PTFE also is extremely corrosion resistant,especially to acids,harsh inorganic and organic chemicals,it is attacked only by the alkaline metals in the elementary state,by Chlorine trifluoride and by elementary Fluorine at high temperature and pressures.In addition,PTFE can withstand a wide of temperatures,from 260℃ down to -180℃.

    The extraordinary characteristics of PTFE makes it the ideal choice in a wide range of applications,such as chemicals,petrochemicals,

    fertilizers,agrochemicals,dyestuff,textile,paper,clothing,building,food processing plants and valves industries.

    Chemical and petraordinary

    PTFE is the material of choice for gaskets,vessel linings,pump interiors, washers,rings,seals,spacers,dip tubes and well-drilling components because it is corrosion resistant and chemically inert.various fillers can be blended with PTFE resin to enhance mechanical properties, eg,glass fiber, carbon,graphite,molybdenum disulfide, bronze,etc.

    Electrical applications

    PTFE is one of the best insulators known.It will insulate to 500 volts per mil.There are grades of PTFE which have even greater dielectric strength.It is frequently used in wire and cable wrap,and to separate conductive surfaces in capacitors.Thick walled close-tolerance extruded tubing is the PTFE shape of choice where machining or drilling long lengths to close tolerances is impossible.Multi-hole tubing can be extruded.PTFE can be machined into standoff insulators,and many different types of high voltage encapsulation devices for electrical components.

    Semi-conductor industry

    PTFE is inert,and its operating temperature range is from minus 180℃ to 260 ℃. When made to ultra pure standards it is the material of choice for various items used in chip manufacturing, including encapsulation devices for quartz heaters.

    Food,beverage and pharmaceutical industries

    Virgin PTFE is approved by FDA for use in the food,beverage,cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.Thin Film and sheets make an inert,no-toxic slide surface without microscopic depressions where microbes can grow.Conveyance components-profiles, guide rails and slides- can withstand high temperatures inside baking and drying ovens and other heated segments of the food,cosmetics or pharmaceuticals manufacturing processes.

    PTFE does not melt

    It cannot be molded into complex shapes,but can be machined.PTFE is easily machined using standard mechanical woodworking and stamping equipment and tooling.Most shapes are sold slightly oversized for easy trimming and machining to exact sizes.



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